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Videos of Bigfoot: The Best of YouTube in 2022

We’ve rounded up the best videos of Bigfoot from YouTube for you to check out. Whether you’re a believer or you’re still on the fence, these videos will serve as some good evidence that Sasquatch does exist!

Baby Bigfoot Footage

The Baby Bigfoot footage was shown on Animal Planet a while back which speaks to it’s lack of high quality video — it’s old! However, this is the video that sticks in my mind when I think of Bigfoot swinging from the trees. If this isn’t a Sasquatch, then did a monkey get loose from the local zoo? What the heck is going on? That’s not a person swinging from those trees like that. Still mind-boggling for me.

Provo Mountains Bigfoot Sighting

It seems like Utah is a hotspot for Bigfoot sightings and I’m skeptical especially when it comes to sightings in Provo. There’s a lot of really bored Mormon college kids in that area so I have a feeling that many of the sightings are just a hoax. This video seems legit to me though…a couple of hunters just out there and then they see what they think is a Bigfoot. Is it a bear possibly? To me, it doesn’t look like a bear. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Skunk Ape in the Forest

The Skunk Ape footage in this video is intriguing to me because it takes place in a swamp. We know that skunk ape’s like to inhabit swamps. I also know that as a human being, the last thing I’d wanna do is walk through that swamp in a monkey outfit. Which leads me to believe that there is some legitimacy around this video.

Hickory, NC Sasquatch Footage

Doug Teague from Hickory, NC filmed this. What is most convincing about this video to me is that you can hear him rapidly breathing and the way he calls for his dog allows you to hear the fear in his voice. I’m sure I’d react the same way, too.

Salt Fork Bigfoot Footage

Some of the most recent footage and high quality footage is this video from Salt Fork, Ohio. I’m impressed by the quality of the video and the visuals. I’m always skeptical with any video I see but this one is definitely one of my favorites.

Jane Goodall on Bigfoot

Ok, so not footage of Bigfoot….BUT if the queen of the apes says it’s a possibility, then it’s definitely a possibility! I have a ton of respect for Jane Goodall and her research…she is brilliant. If it’s a good possibility for her than it’s highly likely for me!

Patterson Gimlin Film

The ultimate OG of Bigfoot videos. This one is my favorite due to the fact that Bigfoot has breasts and is totally a female. I don’t know about you but if I was creating a monkey suit for a hoax, I’d leave off the boobs. Those cost extra in fabric. Are you with me on this one??

Missing 411: The Hunted

Ok, this one will cost a little bit to watch but it’s AWESOME. There’s some very interesting footage and personal witnesses to some crazy Bigfoot/UFO stuff going on in the Sierra Nevadas. I would highly suggest this one for Bigfoot lovers.

Are there any videos that you think should be on the list?

Add it to the comments below and I’ll be sure to check it out. It seems that there are so many hidden gems out there so I’m always looking for suggestions and recommendations.

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