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The Various Types of Bigfoots Across the Globe

Did you know that Bigfoot is not just an American legend? There have been many sightings of this elusive ape across the entire globe. We break down the various types for you in the blog post. Just a bit more evidence to throw in your pocket for the day.

Canadian Sasquatch
Most of the Canadian Sasquatch’s sightings have been in British Columbia – not much of a surprise as most of the USA’s sightings are found in the Pacific Northwest states of Oregon and Washington. However, there have been sightings in Ontario, Labrador and Newfoundland as well! Sasquatches seem to be cropping up everywhere where there might be some trees. These screams from the woods in Ontario might be enough to make you believe in this Canadian big guy.

Nepal’s Yeti
To us, there’s something special about the Yeti in Nepal. Also known as ‘the abominable snowman’ as the Yeti is fully white which is a stark contrast to the American Bigfoot. The Yeti is known to stalk the foothill areas around Everest which is where many say they have witnessed the creature. A plethora of footprints from Nepal featuring the bare print of a large, humanoid creature also give ammo to this incredible story. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Expedition Unknown: Hunt for the Yeti with Josh Gates.

Australia’s Yowie
You might ask: how in the world did a bigfoot end up in a water-locked island like Australia? We don’t know either but there’s been sightings recorded as early as the 1800’s of the Australian Yowie. Referred to by the Aboriginals as the ‘Yahoo-Devil Devil’ or the ‘hairy man of the woods’, there have been sightings there for many years. 

Indonesia’s Orang Pendek
Orang pendek in Indonesian mean’s “short person”. A group of people known as Suku Anak Dalam are a nomadic people that can attest to the existence of this “hairy short ghost” or Orang Pendek. Even Dutch Colonists in the early 20th century have provided a testimony to this strange creature that lurks in the forests there.

China’s Yeren
The tales of the Yeren in China go back to early B.C. eras, the Yeren has often been referred to as the “mountain spirit” as it’s said to lurk in the mountainous regions of China. Debunkers have said that the Chinese Yeren might have been mixed up with the Asian Black Bear. That’s typical of any debunker that has never seen a Bigfoot, though. Once you see, you believe!

Where else have there been reports of a sasquatch? Feel free to leave what you know in the comments below!