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Bigfoot: The FBI Files

Did you know that the FBI has recognized that there is, in fact, a large hairy creature out there that walks on two feet? If you didn’t, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the official documents that have been released by the United States Government regarding the mysterious apeman of the Pacific Northwest

In 1976, a man named Peter Byrne (then Director of the Bigfoot Information Center from Oregon) wrote to the FBI with some hair samples that he and his team could not identify. They reached out to the FBI for help in trying to uncover the mystery behind the hair. The date 1976 is also important as this was after the famous Gimlan-Patterson footage was released to the public in the 1960’s and Bigfoot was on most American dreamer’s awareness radar.

Unfortunately for all of us, the hairs were not recognized to be Bigfoot’s. Instead they were the hair of a deer.

Sorry to break the news to you, folks. But feel free to check out the original documents!

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