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Bigfoot Hoodies: Find Yours Here

If you’re going Squatch hunting, you’re gonna need to keep warm. In that case, you could bring a boring run-of-the-mill sweatshirt or you could wear one of these freaking awesome Bigfoot Hoodies. A hoodie is perfect for casual work attire, walking through the forest squatchin’ or just bumming around the house sportin’ a pic of your favorite guy, Bigfoot.

Check them out and find the one that’s perfect for you!

Not All Who Wander Are Lost Sasquatch Hoodie

This hoodie incorporates the philosophical quote “Not all who wander are lost” with a visually appealing and colorful Bigfoot design. This piece of apparel will not only make you look dope but will also let others know why you wander.

Bigfoot Saw Me But Nobody Believes Him Hoodie

This hoodie will give anyone you see a laugh when they realize that you’re the one that Bigfoot is looking for. Available in a large variety of colors so you can find your favorite look.

Retro Bigfoot Among the Mountains Hoodie

This hoodie is one of our all-time faves. With the retro colors shading the background and a full moon rising above the mountains, it almost makes us wax poetic. Grabs yours before everyone starts wearing it!

Sasquatch Hipster Vibes Hoodie

This hipster vibe hoodie with our favorite big guy on the front is epic. The colors and the moon align along the pines to make this one a keeper and bound to get you some looks.

Beam Me Up Bigfoot Hoodie

This hoodie offers the visually appealing moment of Bigfoot being abducted into outer space. We all know that Sasquatch and aliens go hand in hand so you’ll be the favorite at your next convention.

Hide and Seek World Champion Hoodie

With an awesome sunset to offer Bigfoot’s silhouette among the trees, this hoodie is bound to get some laughs. It may also help you be better at playing hide and seek since it’s dark!

Bigfoot in the Woods Hoodie

This minimalist hoodie has major appeal as Bigfoot’s silhouette stumbles across the pine trees on the front of this hoodie. Available in several colors so you can pick your favorite look!

Sasquatch Carrying a Pink Flamingo Hoodie

Have you ever seen anything weirder than Sasquatch carrying a pink flamingo around? We haven’t either, which is exactly why you’re gonna want to wear this hoodie around and turn some heads. Available in several different colors.

Bigfoot "Patagonia" Parody Hoodie

By far our favorite hoodie of all time, this Bigfoot hoodie will make you feel nostalgic when you think of the Patagonia brand. Wear it around and make brand-lovers give you a second look.

Hope you love our list of Sasquatch Hoodies! We’ll be adding more as we find them but this is a great starter list to get your collection going. Thanks for hanging out with us on Evidence for Bigfoot!

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